Kindness Project

Getwell, which starts its journey with the motto “Discover Wellness,” supports the Koruncuks through its project of Wellness Band-Aid.
Getwell has formed an important partnership with the Koruncuk Foundation in order to make a difference in the lives of our children, to whom we will entrust our future.
Getwell designed the Wellness Band-Aids as part of the collaboration, which include drawings that are products of the Koruncuks’ imagination. The income from the sale of the Wellness Band-Aids will be used for the needs of Koruncuks.
Getwell Wellness Band-Aids, created to touch the lives of Koruncuks, are available in all Migroses across Türkiye.

About Koruncuk Foundation:
Koruncuk Foundation, which was established in 1979, empowers children whose basic needs and access to education are at risk to participate in society as individuals who can express themselves and are aware of their rights through the development of preventive, protective, and curative service models.

Koruncuk Foundation provides free housing and care services to children in need in Koruncuk villages, from secondary school to university, with its operation focused on the child’s best interests. It contributes to the socio-cultural development of children who are culturally deprived through art, cultural, and sport activities. The Foundation provides varying levels of psychosocial and economic support to young people over the age of 18 who grow up under the Foundation’s roof. Because of the positive effects to their psychosocial development, the Foundation adopts the principle of empowering children with their families and conducts family-oriented works to that end. In addition, the Foundation works to spread social service models and operations at the national level and to raise public awareness for children’s rights, as a result. It works to protect children’s rights and reduce the risks of accessing these rights through the Platform for the Protection of Children and Their Rights, which it established by bringing together more than twenty NGOs.

Getwell will meet the needs of our dearest friends with the Friend Project.
Getwell has put its signature under an important social responsibility project with the Friend Project, which has been developed by considering our dearest friends in collaboration with Haytap in order to meet the basic needs of our dearest friends.

With the social responsibility project started in collaboration with Haytap, Getwell focuses on the needs of our dearest friends while making life easier with its wide range of products. It will ensure that the souls in the shelters reach warm homes and food thanks to the products that will be sold in the market channel specific to our dearest friends in Türkiye.

About Haytap:
Animal Rights Federation, or HAYTAP for short, is a non-governmental organization which was formed by various associations involved in nature conservation and animal rights.